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Smoking is not only a burden on your health, but also on your wallet. But I'm not telling you anything new there. Nevertheless, the question arises:

What does smoking cost you financially?

With the free cigarette calculator, you can quickly find out what you have already spent on smoking and how much you could save as a future non-smoker.

Zigaretten Rechner
I have been smoking since:
I smoke on average per day:
This is how much money you have already spent on smoking*.
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*Depending on the cigarette brand and pack size, the cost of smoking can vary. This cigarette calculator assumes a normal pack of 23 cigarettes at a price of €7.

Are you thinking about quitting smoking?

What would that mean for them besides the obvious financial benefits?

More freedom, more self-confidence, more respect from others and towards themselves? Isn't this goal worth testing and trying everything? Are you ready to quit smoking?

Excellent! Studies by the medical faculty of the University of Münster (see above) have clearly proven this:
Quitting smoking has substantial positive effects on health both immediately after quitting and in the long term.
The increased risk of mortality due to smoking falls rapidly after smoking cessation and continues to decrease thereafter.
Even in middle age, smoking cessation results in a significant increase in life expectancy and a substantial reduction in smoking-associated mortality risk

Concrete effects of quitting smoking:

20 hours after quitting smoking, the harmful carbon monoxide is eliminated from the body
Within three days breathing becomes easier and bronchial passages begin to relax
Within three months, cardiovascular function improves
within 3-9 months, lung function improves by about 10%.
within the first two years the risk of heart attack decreases by approx. 50%.

Now it's up to you: you are just one step, one click away from really stopping this habit.

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