Who I am

I have been training and coaching others on the effective powers of their own minds since I was 17 years old (for over 33 years)!

Over the years I have helped people with a wide variety of problems. But, no matter what you’re suffering with, my goal is always the same:

To help others to bring out the best in themselves and to achieve the change they’re longing for!

I live and work to see the sparkle in my clients' eyes when they have just gained a profound insight or solved a long-standing problem that has plagued them for years.

Often this transformation happens in a decisive moment: a realisation, a mindset shift, a new neuronal wiring… and everything becomes different forever...

This is my drive - my why - my mission.

This drive to help others has inspired me to study countless methods of personal transformation and coaching; even leading me to a Buddhist Hermitage (meditation monastery) for 7 years, where I learned and practiced the secret teachings of a Tibetan school of spiritual teaching that is centuries old. I studied this practice in closed seclusion for 5.5 years!

I didn’t do all this simply to find inner peace and rest. My desire has always been to pass on this knowledge to others so they can practically apply it in their everyday lives.

I am a multiple-certified coach and hypnotist and have helped more than 1000 people over the years.

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I can help you:
Successfully become a non-smoker without experiencing withdrawal symptoms or relapse
Achieve and maintain your desired weight - without dieting
Take control of your emotions and subconscious mind
Achieve your goals 
Relieve anxiety
Reduce stress & gain peace of mind
Increase your success in all areas of life - business, personal, social

That's what satisfied customers say

Margarete Plester
Nach dem kostenlosen Beratungsgespräch war ich absolut davon überzeugt, dass Alptekin Koc mir bei meinen Herausforderung helfen kann. Im Nachgang kann ich nur sagen, dass sich meine Vermutung zu 100% bestätigt hat. Durch seine kompetente und einfühlsame Art, in Verbindung mit einer hervorragenden Kompetenz und Erfahrung, ist es Alptekin Koc gelungen mich zu meinen Zielen, mehr Lebensenergie und Klarheit zu führen. Ich habe Alptekin Koc als einen sehr interessanten und inspirierenden Menschen kennen gelernt! Eine absolute Empfehlung und auf diesem Wege nochmal vielen DANK!
Lebensenergie & Klarheit
Yun Qiu
Ich habe mich sehr wohl gefühlt mit Alptekin zusammen zu arbeiten. Auch die Sitzung bei ihm war so erstaunlich wirkungsvoll, ich konnte schon direkt nach der Sitzung Ergebnisse sehen. :) Danke!
Leistungssteigerung im Beruf
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