What some of my clients say

Steffen Bein
Quit Smoking
Roland Berg
Quit Smoking
Monika Caglayan
Quit Smoking
Nils K.
Quit Smoking
Jacqueline R. (Roth)
Quit Smoking
Carolin B.
Thomas Urban
Mr. Koc is the best!!! He supported me with the help of hypnosis and helped me a lot. Thank you very much. 100% recommended !!!
Increase in performance in work and competitive sports
Daniele Kerem
All I can say is: thank you! Thank you !!! I’m finally a Non-Smoker ... It was such a super experience with so many good insights.... Thank you Alptekin!
Quit Smoking & Weight Loss
Margarete Plester
After the free consultation I was absolutely convinced that Alptekin Koc could help me with my challenge. In retrospect, I can only say that my suspicions were 100% confirmed. Through his competent and empathetic manner, combined with outstanding competence and experience, Alptekin Koc succeeded in leading me to my goals, more life energy and clarity. I have come to know Alptekin Koc as a very interesting and inspiring person! An absolute recommendation and on this way again many THANKS!
Life energy & clarity
Kerstin B.
Because he is a very trustworthy person to whom I could immediately entrust all my worries and that was the key to look into a positive future..., I am very grateful to him.
Overcome fears
Marcus N.
Alptekin did not promise too much. I went to him for smoking cessation and even during the conversation I felt myself becoming a non-smoker mentally, as I have not been for 22 years. Even today I am a little irritated that so no impulse, desire, idea on and after a cigarette in my body and in my head.
Quit Smoking
Klaus Perlet
Hello everyone, I can only advise everyone who sets important new goals to get help. Ask yourself if you are really strong enough to do it on your own and if it would not be better to use your own strength for the implementation of the shown ways. With his help, I have discovered many new things about myself and disposed of the old, and found the energy to change. I have been a non-smoker for 7 weeks after many unsuccessful attempts without fear of loss and withdrawal symptoms. Have also lost 9 kg in that time (with a nutritionist in the background). Don't let finances be your guide, if you want to drive Benz you have to pay for it. Today I am absolutely convinced and happy about the step, I am doing very well and am amazed at what you can still experience positive at 60 years. Doing makes wise! Dare Klaus
Quit Smoking & Weight Loss
Sandie F.
Alptekin is an outstanding coach. He listens, he takes you out of your comfort zone, he supports you and overall he is blunt enough to guide you through any issues you may have. Every coaching session with him is an experience, and most important, every coaching session delivers results. He is professional, and above all, a great human being!  I recommend him 100%.
Performance & Business Coaching
Henry S.
Alptekin Koc has a great empathy and the ability to analyse and highly value one's individual situation. Combined with his immense knowledge of training methods and approaches, including the backgrounds and helpful tools, it was not only a great pleasure to work with him, but also led to measurable results in improving personal skills.
Performance & Business Coaching
Mike MK.
Alptekin was a great help in coaching me to better understand my streengths and weaknesses as a manager and colleague. I greatly valued his calm approach and wise counsel.
Performance & Business Coaching
Yun Qiu
I felt very comfortable working with Alptekin. Also the session with him was so amazingly effective, I could see results right after the session. :) Thank you!
Performance & Business Coaching
Shelly W.
I had the honor of receiving a session from Alp recently. Alp whole manner is very professional, thorough and helpful. He seemed to know exactly what was needed to move me forward in some difficult areas and most importantly anchor in some new positive thoughts, steps and resources that I could draw upon in the future. Whether you are in need of personal growth, professional coaching or skill building, I highly recommend Alp to help you on your path forward.
Performance & Business Coaching
Rhona Wands
Ich habe mit AlpI worked with Alp when I was having a very hard time finding myself. In doing so, I was going through a difficult situation with a lot of stress after a breakup. Alp guided me to find my own inner peace and clarity and to let go of the things that were stressing me out and keeping me from figuring out what exactly I wanted to do. I experienced a beautiful mindset shift within myself as a result and all at a time when I was separated and anxious. The level of care and support from Alp has been outstanding and I know that he truly cares about his clients needs and is able to see where things need to go for change to happen.
Stress Reduction
Yelena Y.
To say that I highly recommend Alp for coaching is really an understatement. He is GOOD, REALLY GOOD. He has definitely found his calling in helping others discover the direction they need to go in life. His innate ability to understand you immediately brings a sense of calm and serenity. If you are looking for someone to help you on your journey or resolve a difficult situation, Alp is the person I would recommend you visit. His intuition is uncanny and you will not be disappointed with the quality of care, understanding and support you will receive.
Performance & Business Coaching
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